About Us

What would you like to know?

Q: Do we know what we’re doing?

A: Yes, we think so, collectively we have extensive knowledge and practical experience of creating software solutions that really work for real people in real-life situations

Q: Are we an army or just a couple of developers working out of our bedrooms?

A: We are a strong multi-disciplined team of software developers, supported by other professionals with backgrounds including finance, training, workflow and process improvement, people management, project management (agile and waterfall), software implementation, solution architecture, infrastructure management, and client engagement. In short we are big enough to do a first-class job but small enough for your project to be of vital importance to every one of us.

Q: Are we expensive?

A: That all depends on how you value what we do. As a starting point, we know that the benefits you obtain form what we do must exceed the costs we charge, if we are to have any hope of sustaining a long-term relationship with you. We are very mindful of the business case for everything we do; we stay grounded in the real-world! Secondly, we also have to charge enough to support an properly founded enterprise that is sustainable in the log-run. While ever you need us, you’ll want us to be here and capable of providing all the support your organisation requires, when it needs it – our objectives are perfectly aligned in this.

Q: Do we focus on any particular type of system or market sector?

A: We predominantly develop solutions for the Windows operating system, although we do also have Linux and PHP skills, as well as a growing capability in the development of progressive web apps (PWAs). We believe that our skills are in the generic building blocks of systems for human use – workflow, user interface, system performance, security, integration with other systems and ease of use. We have developed and maintained E-commerce systems, booking and travel systems, accounting systems, property management systems, a fully integrated “clicks and mortar” system from sales order processing,through stock control and purchase order processing (and all points in between) and a self-service product branding system, to name a few.

Q: Why would you chose us?

A: We are keen to work with you to find out how your business and processes work, focusing on what it is you need in a system to enable it to work for you. Whether you're from a technical background and already have a plan for your system or you're starting off with an idea and don't quite know how to progress it - we'd love to talk to you about it. We thrive on offering software solutions to strategic challenges. We’d love to help you with those that you are facing today and the many more that you will face in the years to come.

Q: Let’s say we’ve supplied you with a new system – is that the end?

A: Following deployment of a new system, we believe that it is vital that we continue to work closely with you in order to keep the system up to date and in line with both organisational requirements but also with the relentless technological changes taking place all the time. We believe that we have an obligation to help you avoid getting into what is known as “technical debt” (see Wikipedia) - we want to keep your system up to date and effective over the long-term and to do so in the most cost effective way possible.

Q: So, what do you do if you are interested in knowing more?

A: Scrutinise our website to your heart’s content then, when you’re ready contact us by whatever means is most convenient for you and we’ll help you decide whether we are the partner you’re looking for.