Strategic Software Solutions has extensive experience in developing successful bespoke e-commerce solutions, simplifying the way you do business online.

Having a system that is automated and streamlined inevitably means your organisation will ultimately be more cost effective and efficient.

Security is of course paramount.

If you already have existing payment gateways in place, we can link to them or we can help you get them set up.

Automated invoice generation and confirmations can be produced on a real time basis, saving valuable effort and reducing the risk of errors.

Looking past the sale transaction itself, there are so many ways in which your e-commerce data can be displayed to enable you to see all your key sales information at a glance. Monitor your figures on whatever periodic basis works for you – hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and/or year on year, as well as comparisons to help you spot trends and changes in buying behaviour.

We can provide information grids within the admin/back-end of your system, exports to pdf's, exports to excel, and/or dashboards – whatever works for you.

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