Mobile Solutions

Whether it's a public or a non-public facing system, you want the end user to be able to reach the information they need to access, no matter where they are or the device they are using.

If it's a public system, statistics show that within the first five seconds of arriving at your site, a user will start to build up their perception of your company. New visitors make assumptions about the quality of your product/service based on their experience of your system. The assumptions made in these first five seconds can determine whether a potential customer progresses further or not.

If your system is being used by your staff, depending on roles and responsibilities, there is an ever increasing need to have the ability to access data and information easily whilst they're on the move.

It is important that the usability and accessibility of your system is of the highest standard across multiple devices, whether it be laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Strategic Software Solutions can rapidly and successfully build a market leading system for you that will enhance your brand image, ensure your visitors can find you, ensure that its users can get to the desired data/information or have the required functionality at their fingertips, regardless of the device they have in front of them.

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